IN PERSON | Feed Your Fertile Body!™ Six Week Program

The Feed Your Fertile Body!™ Program is a six week course to guide you through the steps you need to add fertility-promoting foods, along with lifestyle strategies into your daily life.  Each module presents information and action steps to guide you through small changes and help you achieve big results!


Time: 7pm – 8.30pm

Dates:  Wednesday Evenings for six consecutive weeks – 16th October, 23rd October, 30th October, 6th November, 13th November, 20th November.

Venue:  Boardroom @ Munro Law, 35 Dee Street, Invercargill (corner of Esk & Dee beside Hallensteins)

Parking:  Available outside

Investment: $595

*Your investment is for yourself and your partner

*Specific recommendations for individuals will require a Nutritional Therapy Assessment – see Services



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Week 1: Best kept secrets about fats and fertility

  • The importance of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K)
  • How cholesterol helps you produce hormones
  • The problem with vegetable oils
  • The link between fat deficiency and morning sickness

Week 2: Sugar, not such a sweet deal after all

  • The many names of sugar, and the damage it causes
  • How sugars and starches decrease fertility
  • Hormonal dysregulation caused by excess sugar consumption
  • The dangers of artificial sweeteners
  • Best and worst options for your sweet tooth

Week 3: Basic techniques of proper food preparation

  • The roles of adrenal and thyroid stress in infertility and miscarriage
  • Important thyroid tests your doctor probably has never ordered for you
  • How and why to soak grains, nuts and seeds
  • The importance of proper hydration: water and electrolytes
  • Selecting a high-quality water filter

Week 4: Boost fertility by decreasing inflammation

  • How allergies cause inflammation in the body
  • The importance of organic foods and grass-fed animals
  • Foods that decrease inflammation and reduce oxidative stress

Week 5: Improving protein digestion and mineral absorption

  • The importance of stomach acid to the digestion of protein and absorption of
  • How good digestive health safeguards sperm health
  • Lifestyle factors that compromise digestion and absorption
  • Decreasing the chances of reflux during pregnancy

Week 6:  Gut reactions: how our intestinal microbiota affects us, generation after generation

  • The importance of balanced gut microbiota
  • Factors that deplete the health of our gut microbiota
  • Probiotic foods that improve the health and diversity of our gut microbiota

Bonus material

  • Cookbook
  • Resource section
  • How and why to avoid genetically modified foods and glyphosate
  • Food templates
  • Meal planning suggestions
  • Nutrient-dense food chart