Meet Laura

Thank you so much for taking the first step to gain control of your own health and happiness.

It’s truly a big deal.  The first step in your health journey to feel amazing!  I’ve been here too.

I’m a wife and a mother of four, I’m a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Restorative Wellness Practitioner, among other things.

Prior to studying Nutritional Therapy, my husband and I had sought numerous fertility treatments in the hopes of having a baby together.

It was a devastating roller coaster to be on.  Along the way I realised it wasn’t a good enough reason to have “unexplained” infertility.  Through questioning, learning, adapting and improving our health we began to improve our chances of pregnancy through acceptance that infertility was a symptom of imbalance within the body.

Uncovering deeper information around diet, lifestyle, environmental and emotional impacts was key to making changes to improve the chances of having a baby.  We were finally blessed with a beautiful baby boy in April 2017 – Devon.  This not only grew my need for more knowledge but my passion to help others struggling with their own health issues.  

Our fertility journey aside, understanding how gut issues, food sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies can create such chaos within my body and mind has been life-changing.  On my road to optimal health I am now providing my body what it needs to overcome atrial fibrillation, anemia, depression, anxiety, skin issues, hormonal issues and leaky gut (the gateway to autoimmune disorders).

I believe true wealth is to have good health and happiness.

What is Nutritional Therapy?

To lead a healthy and happy life, it’s important to understand the way different foods and drinks effect our body and mind.  Eating a nutrient-dense wholefoods diet is key to being free from chronic illness and disease.

Having studied with the Nutritional Therapy Association and Restorative Wellness Solutions, by applying the latest theories and research in nutrition and health sciences, I can investigate which foundations within an individual have weaknesses and then provide guidance and support to empower an individual to heal and be well.

Having been trained to complete a Functional Clinical Assessment and Lingual-Neuro Testing, I can establish specific nutritional needs within an individual therefore eliminating any guesswork.  Read more about the Functional Clinical Assessment here and Lingual-Neuro Testing here.

Recommendations are tailored to suit an individual with all care and respect taken to address bio-individuality as there is no single diet or healing protocol to suit all. Recommendations may be through dietary and lifestyle changes and supplement support.

By working with me I will give you the knowledge and tools to take back the power and control of your healing and health. The human body is incredibly resilient, it just needs the burdens removed and the right nourishment and support to heal and thrive.

Who Can Benefit?

My main focus of work is gut health due to the impact this has on all other systems when not functionally properly.  I support people suffering from many chronic illness.

If you are fatigued, over-weight, have skin issues, hormonal issues, immune issues, anxiety/depression, gut issues, auto-immune issues, stress and much more – you can achieve your health goals with Nutritional Therapy.

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