Breakfast Bread

Such a delicious easy to make bread that is very handy to have ready sliced, in the freezer so you can grab and toast. Top with sauerkraut, beet relish, avocado, cherry tomatoes, nut butter, ghee, homemade aioli, chicken liver pate and so on!

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2 Way Cauliflower Bread

That magic vegetable the cauliflower does it again! Once the bread is cooked and cooled, quickly fry to make it crispy and then lavish it with avocado, salmon, nut butter, coconut yoghurt, eggs, sauerkraut, relish… anything!

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Chocolate Lemon Kumara Brownie

This is absolutely divine. The consistency of the brownie is so smooth, it’s like biting into soft chocolate. Combined with the rich, satisfying icing… you’re welcome chocolate lovers!

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