Feed Your Pregnant Body!™ Pregnancy Program - Self Paced

The Feed Your Pregnant Body!™ Pregnancy Program is a six week course to guide you through nutrition and lifestyle steps to optimise your chances of having a healthy baby and feeling great throughout pregnancy!


The program link will be sent to your email address upon purchase where you can read the material for each module in your own time.  A 30 minute Zoom call with Laura may also be scheduled to discuss any questions, check with progress and establish if any additional support is needed.

*Your investment is for yourself and your partner

*Specific recommendations for individuals will require a Nutritional Therapy Assessment – see Services


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Module 1: Nutrition basics, morning sickness and carbohydrate cravings

  • Causes of morning sickness and nausea
  • Basic remedies for nausea
  • How to deal with carbohydrate cravings
  • Top foods to nourish you and your growing baby when you have nausea and carbohydrate cravings

Module 2: Managing fatigue during pregnancy

  • Causes of fatigue
  • The connection between blood sugar imbalances and fatigue
  • The importance of thyroid health
  • Optimizing your food selection criteria
  • The nutrient-dense foods that energize you and help your baby grow optimally
  • Lifestyle strategies for managing fatigue

Module 3: Protecting your baby from toxic exposures

  • Why fear is the most damaging of all exposures
  • Other toxic exposures to look out for
  • How to prioritize the avoidance of exposures
  • How and why every small step you take in the right direction is a huge gift to yourself, your baby and your family

Module 4: Taking your pregnancy nutrition to the next level

  • How to eat
  • The role of fat-soluble vitamins in your baby’s development
  • Hydration tips
  • How to upgrade your sleep habits
  • Common concerns regarding nutrition and food safety

Module 5: Pregnancy Digest: Optimizing digestive and gut health

  • How to prevent/limit/address reflux, heartburn and constipation
  • Some underlying reasons for common digestive issues
  • How balanced gut flora supports a healthy pregnancy
  • How your healthy gut flora during pregnancy contributes to your baby’s lifelong health
  • How your healthy gut flora reduces your chances of a positive Group B Strep (GBS) result, and why this matters

Module 6: Preparing for birth, breastfeeding and postpartum recovery

  • How to plan ahead for post-partum healing
  • How to help friends and family be truly helpful
  • Strategies to optimize milk production and breastfeeding outcomes

Bonus materials: Cookbook, shopping guides, meal-planning tips, resources and more!