FREE 20 Minute Discovery Call

I can offer you a FREE 20 minute discovery call to see if working together feels right.

This includes FREE;

  • access to the most extensive nutritional analysis online program available
  • interim assessment of your online Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ)
  • symptom burden graph outlining your Foundational Health status
  • 20 minute phone consultation to explore the findings

To accept this offer, please fill out the form, hit ‘submit’ and your FREE Nutri-Q account will be activated within 24 hours so you can complete your online Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ).  *Please check spam if haven’t received the email.

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Initial Assessment $120
(in person + online)

This is the first step in uncovering the status of your Foundational Health relating to the signs and symptoms you may be experiencing.

In this 60 minute assessment we will discuss the findings of your evaluated and researched information (you will have provided this prior to the assessment) and the initial recommendations to begin addressing your health concerns.

The Initial Assessment includes;

  • Initial health questionnaire (including history)
  • Food and Mood Journal evaluation
  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ) evaluation
  • Symptom burden graph outlining your Foundational Health status
  • Further questions and answers relating to your health
  • Initial educational strategies and support implementation
  • Short and long term health goals, followed by recommendations and next steps

30 Minute Wellness Session $40 (phone)

– for people seeking general nutrition advice and support without committing to more investigative Nutritional Therapy
– for people with kids or other family members struggling with health concerns or chronic illnesses 

– for clients who have completed investigative Nutritional Therapy and are wanting a general review, Q & A, supplement review
– for people having a BioPulse Ionic-Rife Detox Foot Bath Treatment who aren’t already engaged in Nutritional Therapy 

– 5 minute questionnaire required to be completed prior to session time– 30 minute phone discussion about your health concerns with initial food/supplement/lifestyle recommendations provided

– access to Practitioner only supplementation (if recommended)

– you will receive an email summary of the call

– no NAQ (300+ question symptom based questionnaire & analysis)

– no Symptom Burden Graph or comparison

– no Food & Mood Journal completion and analysis

– no short term or long term goal setting

– no complimentary follow up check ins

– no in person access to complimentary zinc status testing or Functional Clinical Assessments

Follow Up Assessment $95 (in person)

In this 90 minute assessment we will discuss the updated findings of your information and complete the Functional Evaluation and Testing.

A Follow Up Assessment includes;

  • Additional Food and Mood Journal evaluation
  • Additional Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ) evaluation
  • Updated Symptom Burden Graph outlining your Foundational Health status
  • Completion of the Functional Clinical Assessment and testing
  • Nutrition, supplement and lifestyle recommendations
  • Short and long term health goals, followed by recommendations and next steps

(in person) $300
(online/phone) $270

Health concerns don’t just appear overnight, so time is necessary to understand and address the imbalances.  By committing to Nutritional Therapy sessions over 3-4 months, this will help you achieve the best results and reach your goals.  The knowledge you gain from just three sessions will empower your future health and happiness.  The package includes;
  • Initial Assessment (60 minutes)
  • 2x Follow up Assessments (60-90 minutes each)
  • Over 3-4 months

Distance Nutritional Therapy (online/phone)

this includes;

  • Initial Assessment (1 hour) $120
  • Follow up Assessments (1 hour) $80
  • 30 Minute Wellness session (30 minutes) $40 – 5 min questionnaire only 

Functional Testing

  • Functional Blood Chemistry
  • Complete Microbiome Map – stool
  • OAT (Organic Acids Test) – urine
  • Food sensitivity testing – blood spot or serum

Terms + Conditions

  • Supplement purchases are at client expense
  • To gain the most benefit from your investment into your healing and health it is recommended that we have a Follow Up Assessment every 4-6 weeks.
  • Prices are current for 2022

Cancellation Policy

My time is valuable and I wish to only provide my services for people who feel the same.  I do understand that sometimes life happens however please understand how this effects my business.  If it is necessary for you to reschedule, please contact me asap.

Late cancellations or changes made within 24 hours may incur a $50 cancellation fee as I am unable to fill appointments at short notice due to the nature of the communication and information sourcing from clients. 

A fee of $50 will be invoiced if you do not attend your scheduled session.